Discreetly Shopping for Adult Products

Posted on: 10 December 2020

If you are looking for ways to spice up your intimate evenings with your partner and have dabbled with the idea of purchasing some edible lotions, massagers, and adult sex toys, you may be contemplating the ordering process and the likelihood that your purchases will remain discreet. Purchasing products through a retailer that offers an ordering portal will alleviate your worries and allow you to explore your fantasies without feeling judged.

1. Shop From Home

There is no reason to be ashamed about shopping for intimate items that are designated for you and your partner's use, but if you haven't visited a novelty sex shop before and are concerned about running into someone you know, you may be more comfortable with researching products from the privacy of your home.

First, compile a list of stores that feature some products that intrigue you. With this list, you can find out whether or not the retailer offers an online ordering setup or if they promote a catalog that is mailed out in a plain-colored wrapper.

2. Review and Select Items to Surprise Your Partner

Once you have found a viable source for adult products, begin searching through the listings and read the description for each toy or passion aid. You will learn whether or not you will need to purchase batteries or if a device can be charged electrically. If you are looking for a way to add some zest to your personal lounge sessions with your significant other, you may want to purchase a "sampler" package. This type of package may contain a seductive outfit, a couple of videos, and several sex toys that the two of you can use during the time spent together.

Review the shipping policies that are offered through an adult products retailer. Many business owners who market products that are geared toward mature audiences provide a discreet shipping method. This usually involves packing items inside of a plain-colored box or envelope and not using any descriptive wording or pictures in the printed advertising that is added to a package, to protect each customer's privacy.

If you discover that your purchases will be mailed in the same manner, your postal delivery person will have no idea what is inside of the package that they are delivering to you. Once you receive the adult items, set aside a time to surprise your loved one with the new additions.


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